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impudence! well understand it. can help..

Category: Alternative

Yo Click Aint Thick Enough

  1. Mukasa

    I ain't tryin' to save hoes, nothing like a captain But Paula Patton wasn't thick enough for me, okay But baby gotta have more ass that Kenya Your boyfriend, minuteman, yo that nigga trash.
  2. Dogor

    Not sayin that - ain't nuttin could do me But in the rap game, all secondary to me WHOA, whatever I settle if a nigga wanna eat he better never cry battle Hell yeah, ram the one sell fare elsewhere Put you and your family on welfare [Chorus: Canibus] (Ricky D!) Rip it up, your watery blood ain't thick enough, yo wack niggaz ain't slick enough.
  3. Shaktill

    May 23,  · In today's video we have ourselves an epic game, taking down Thanos one last time before he goes away! Enjoy! @ lumrenelijalecrepepesiterdio.coinfo
  4. Mezitilar

    Jan 18,  · Tweak with the gang, you ain't big enough Won't give a fuck if a bitch ain't feeling us (Won't give a fuck, bitch) Kicking that hoe out my section Ain't throwing no bread if them strippers ain't.
  5. Daikazahn

    pounds and I ain't tryin' to fight And they don't make cuffs strong enough to lock me in And your vest ain't thick enough to stop all ten The sergeant be callin' up ya next-of-kin. But fuck that, my guns gotta speech problem They stutter when they spit Go through you when they hit, my shit ain't got no manners.
  6. Sakree

    Apr 02,  · Check out Rap Game Robbers [Explicit] by Everlasting Gangstas -A.K.A - E.L.G. on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on lumrenelijalecrepepesiterdio.coinfo
  7. Yozshuzahn

    I. I I I just just just be be be walking. walking walking you you you you. know know know doing doing doing my thing just walking normal normal and and somebody somebody somebody be be be like like. like. hey yo. you you think dick. Dick and I'll be like like no. no no thick thick thick category. category. category. category.
  8. Mezikus

    Your heart ain't strong enough, brain ain't smart enough Gang ain't hard enough, dollars ain't long enough Promise I'm droppin' a Jimmy, should-Pick it up I don't work hard, ain't did enough (SOUL!) Got a new bitch ain't thick enough New new whip, gotta flick it up Flick it up, flick it up Niggas flow sick, ain't sick enough.
  9. Tygojinn

    Look this this ain't Justine This is not for you Look. I'm your roommate and I love you but like if I if we bring the skinny girls to the party, we're going to be your security. that's social suicide if you're small enough for them to eat You they're gonna try to bully you.

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